Right Ways to Sleep for Better Mental Health: Sleep Study

Do you feel like your mental health is suffering because of how much sleep you’re getting?

If so, then it’s time to start thinking about the quality of your sleep. You need to be sleeping comfortably and waking up energized in order to have a positive start to your day. So, if you want to improve the way that you feel mentally, then it’s important for you to think about what kind of bedding you use on your bed.

Do you wake up tired?

We know that there are a lot of different types of bedding available out there on the market today, but not all bedding are created equal. Some can actually make it harder for people who suffer from insomnia or other types of sleeping disorders from being able to get comfortable enough in order for them to fall asleep at night. So, you need to carefully research and select the best bedding sets for your needs. We recommend you reading this guide when shopping for bedding sets to recreate your sleeping environment!

It will help ensure that everyone gets exactly what they need in terms of comfort while they sleep throughout the night. And once we find something that works well for us, we never go back!

We will break it down for you in simple and easy steps to select the perfect bedding that will help you create the most comfortable sleeping environment for you so that you can have the most comfortable sleep at night. As a result you will have better mood and energy throughout the day.

1. Type of Bedding Fabric

The first and most important thing that you need to decide is on the bedding fabric. As you already know that your skin will be in constant contact with your bedding for around 6-8 hours every night. So, you need to make sure that you select the right bedding fabric for your skin type, and your skin is not sensitive or allergic to the bedding fabric that you use.


When it comes to selecting the bedding fabric there are quite a few options but we will only explain about the one that will take care of your skin and health while you sleep.

100% Cotton Bedding Sets

You must select 100% Cotton Bedding if you feel suffocated at night, so you can get the refreshing slumber that will always help you wake up feeling refreshed without short of breath or dried out or itchy skin.

Revolutionize your tranquility with our innovative cotton bedding sets. Hypoallergenic, breathable fabric won't stick to your skin while you sleep reducing any interruptions from muscle soreness or restless limbs for a more comfortable night's rest.

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Egyptian Cotton Bedding Sets

Egyptian cotton bedding sets are luxurious and comfortable, but they can be a bit expensive.

Egyptian Cotton Bedding Explained (Learn more about Egyptian Cotton Bedding) 

We all know that Egyptian cotton is the best quality of cotton available, yet it's still hard to find great deals on Egyptian cotton bedding sets.

Luxury Bedding Outlets like ours offers a wide variety of affordable high-quality products made from 100% pure Egyptian Cotton.

Our products include everything you need for your bedroom including sheets, duvet covers, pillowcases and more at up to 35% off retail prices! Shop now and enjoy our Free Shipping offer with every order!

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Satin Silk Bedding Sets

We all know that a good night sleep is essential for your health and well-being, but many people have trouble sleeping.

One of the reasons why it's difficult to get a good night sleep is because you're not comfortable in bed. Your sheets are rough or scratchy, your pillows aren't soft enough…

Satin Silk Fabric

Satin Silk Bedding Sets will help you create a more beautiful bedroom décor while creating the perfect sleeping environment for you. Our luxury satin silk bedding sets include two pillowcases, one fitted sheet or one flat sheet. The set comes with satin silk fabric for the outer part of the bedding set and Pure Egyptian Cotton fabric for the inner part and bed sheet which makes sure that you create the most beautiful bedroom décor while creating a more natural and comfortable sleeping environment for yourself.

This combination makes sure you get the benefit of both the fabric in the right way. Satin with its gloss and shine will make your bedding more beautiful and natural Egyptian Cotton will help to regulate your body temperature throughout the night so you can relax comfortably during those long hours of restful slumber.

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Mulberry Silk Bedding Set

We all know that getting a good night's sleep is one of the most important things for your health, but it can be hard to do when you don't have the right bedding.

Mulberry silk bedding sets are made from 100% mulberry silk fabric and will help you get the restful sleep you need. These sheets are hypoallergenic, breathable, temperature regulating and antimicrobial - perfect for any sleeping environment!

Sleeping on Silk Bedding Sets

Our collection of high-quality mulberry silk bedding sets come in multiple different colors so that you can find the perfect color scheme for your bedroom or guest room. You'll also receive two matching pillow cases with each set so that everyone gets their own luxurious experience every time they climb into bed.

Our sheets are made from superior quality mulberry silk fibers that contain 18 kinds of amino acids; making them incredibly strong yet ultra-soft at the same time!

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Polyester Bedding (You must always avoid)

The polyester bed sheets market is growing and more and more people are buying these harmful bed sheets.

Polyester is a synthetic fiber made from petroleum byproducts that can cause health problems, including skin rashes, allergies, breathing difficulties and even cancer in some cases. It also creates static electricity when it rubs against your body while you sleep which causes much discomfort for the sleeper.

Polyester is the Biggest Enemy to Our Skin and Health (Read More....)

There are many alternatives to polyester such as cotton or silk that do not carry any of the health risks associated with using polyester bed sheets.

2. Thread Count of Bedding Fabric

We all know that a good night's sleep is important, but most people don't realize the importance of thread count in bedding.

Thread Count is basically the number of threads per square inch of any fabric. Higher the number, the more durable is the fabric. High Thread Count also makes the bedding softer to the touch which makes sleeping in such bedding sets a more comfortable experience.

However, this isn't always true and you will have to consider the quality of the fabric and type of the fabric as well.

Thread Count for Bedding Sets

In fact, if you're shopping for sheets and pillowcases with high thread count fabric then you might be disappointed by their quality and durability after just one wash cycle if you are not carefully selecting the right fabrics.

The solution to this problem is simple – read our guide about different fabric types and take a well-informed decision about the fabric you want and then select the right thread count for your bedding needs.

3. Chemical Treatment of Fabrics

Most of us are unaware that fabrics treated with harmful chemicals can affect our health when we sleep on them.

The Perfect Bedding Set for Healthier Sleep is a product which helps you to get rid of the sleep problem and help you live a healthier life. Any fabric that is treated with natural ingredients so that it doesn't harm your skin or cause allergies. It also protects you from dust mites, mold, mildew and other allergens present in bedding materials.

Out Collection of bedding sets has no chemical retention which makes it much healthier for you to sleep on these Bedding Sets for a healthier life.

4. Printing of Bedding Sets

Many companies use printing methods that are not environmentally friendly, but our company uses a new technology called "Active Environmental Printing" which is eco-friendly and it's much cheaper than traditional printing processes.

Active Environmental Printing on Fabric

Making our bedding sets more beautiful and vibrant in color while making sure we are not hurting our environment in any way. Making these bedding sets makes us proud about the quality of products that we make available for our customers and the kind of sleep they will enjoy while sleeping on our uniquely designed and create bedding sets.


An important factor in the quality of sleep is the type and feel of bedding fabric. Our 100% cotton bedding sets are made from high-quality, breathable material that helps you get a restful night’s sleep. Cotton bed sheets also provide excellent comfort for hot climates or people with sensitive skin, making them an ideal choice for international travelers. If you want to go all out on luxury, our Egyptian cotton bed linen set features 600 thread count fabric that feels like your favorite cashmere sweater against your skin while providing superior softness and durability during long periods between washes. Satin silk sheets might be more appropriate if you tend to sweat at night due to temperature changes or allergies because they wick away moisture better.

A Comfortable Sleep

So, when it comes to buying new bedding, you want to be sure that what you buy is the best quality for your bedroom. A good way of determining this is by understanding how various factors can affect the fabric in a set. For example, does the fabric have any chemical treatments? What type of thread count does it have? Is it printed or woven with other fabrics? These are all important questions when considering whether your purchase will last long enough and feel comfortable against your skin.

By keeping all the above facts in mind our designers have create the most beautiful and comfortable bedding sets collection with some of the most beautiful designs.

These bedding sets are made with High Thread Count fabric which is very high quality. All our Bedding Sets comes with No Chemical Retention and Active Environmental Printing which makes them perfect for you.

Now it’s time to improve your mental health by making sure you sleep comfortably every night and have a more energize and relaxed morning. These small changes can help you take care of yourself even better.

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