"Don't Breathe Plastic Anymore". Quality of Bedding and Its Importance for Your Skin and Health.

"Time" is the factor that affects your skin the most. And when I say Time I don't mean age rather I mean the time your skin remains in contact with many things during the day or night that may have a negative effect on it. Everyone speaks about UV Rays or Bad Air Quality but no one talks about the one thing that you spend the most time doing. "Sleeping" is the one thing that you do every day for 6-8 hours and during these 6- hours your skin is in constant contact with your bedding. Now if we take 6 hours of 24 hours that is 25% of all your time is spent in your bed. And not many of us take into consideration the effect our Bedding has on our skin. So if your skin spends 25% time in constant contact with your bedding shouldn't you be more considerate about the quality. Now you must be saying to yourself "I have quality bedding, my sheets feel amazing". Are they?

Most of the Bedding sold around the world is a blend of Cotton and Polyester. It is never clearly mentioned the percentage of their blend. If you talk about Polyester, its the most popular synthetic material, just like plastic, completely man-made and 0% natural. The popularity of Polyester among producers and sellers is due to its cheap cost of production. The blend of Cotton-Polyester is the widely famous one because of Polyester's synthetic feel it is blended with cotton, which has the breath and feels good next to the skin. This dilutes the "synthetic" feel of polyester and manufacturers proudly write cotton on the labels without clearly mentioning the blend ratio.

Now the question that has just popped in your head, Is polyester toxic or harmful to the skin? Maybe you can decide for yourself. Polyester is a synthetic material that has many toxic chemicals embedded in it. Polyester is made from thermoplastic which releases plastic molecules whenever heated. So how does this affect you? These toxic chemicals are released in your home and environment whenever you are drying your textile products in your clothes dryer. When you are in your bed your body heat also releases these chemicals in the air and they are then absorbed by your skin. When you breathe during your sleep you are breathing in plastic and formaldehyde. The effects are even worse for the kids. In such blends, many times non-stick additive like Teflon is also added, which makes the fiber stain resistance, wrinkle resistance, and increases its durability. There have been many cases around the world in which these chemicals have been found in the blood of Humans and Animals.

Many researchers have serious concerns regarding these chemicals that may lead to health problems and also include the risk of cancer. The other chemicals that are used in fabric blends like cotton and polyester are ammonia and formaldehyde. These chemicals are applied to soften the fabric and prevent it from shrinking. According to EU classification, formaldehyde is a class 3 carcinogen. It can onset asthma and asthma symptoms. Antimony is another chemical that is present in most polyester. Antimony is another carcinogen that is harmful to the lungs, liver, heart, and skin.

Now to answer your question Is polyester toxic? It is the most toxic material that most people have against their skin on a daily basis. It is the Biggest Enemy in Our Home for Our Skin and Health. Read More

So why is it in your bed? 

Many of us appreciate wrinkle-free, non-ironing, long-lasting, and cheap bedding and that's what the manufacturers and sellers take advantage of, they sell the benefits of polyester and avoid all the health risks that are associated with it. Natural and Organic materials are always the best and it is very advisable by many experts to avoid polyester whether it is in your bedding or even your clothes.

Are there any alternatives?

Yes, there are. First of all, you should switch to more natural and organic fabrics like 100% Cotton and Egyptian Cotton which will not just take care of your skin better, but also helps you with better sleep as the fabric of these products is much softer and lighter. 100% Cotton Bedding Absorbs Superfluous Moisture and repels dirt. It has Hypoallergenic Qualities. If your skin is sensitive and is prone to allergies, then you must use 100% Cotton Sheets. These Beddings keeps you cool and comfortable in hot weather, these are also able to draw heat away from your skin. There is no chemical retention in organic cotton cloths.

You should choose your bedding from better brands who make products, keeping in mind the health factor instead of just making profits. So you can choose from such products from those brands and make your life and your skin a lot better with just a small change. The effect of quality bedding that you will see will be truly amazing. So take care of yourself and your family and don't forget to share this with your friends and loved ones. Make others aware of the problem as well. 

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