True Facts About Kids Bedding Sets And Their Health


When decorating your kids’ bedroom, you don't give enough importance to Kids Bedding Sets, you buy cute pink bedding for you little girls or superhero bedding for boys, but you forget that these same bedding can make them sick or suffocate them when they are trying to sleep.

Your choices regarding your kid's health will impact them throughout their life.

According to the American Lung Association, there are 6.1 million children affected by Asthma and it is the most common chronic condition among children.

With increasing respiratory problems in kids, we have to be extra careful about the toxins that are making them sick, some of these toxins are present in our homes. In the case of children, these chemicals can be present in Kids Bedding Sets.

We must make sure that we create a natural and toxins free environment for kids so that they can have a comfortable and disease-free childhood.

Today, we are going to talk about the toxins that are present in Kids Bedding Sets and bedding textile or should we say the bedding fabrics that are made with completely toxic chemicals.

Polyester is a man-made synthetic material just like plastic. It's 0% natural and very cheap to produce as there is no need for fields, plantation, and extraction to be done.

Make sure that you are not using Polyester Kids Bedding Set for your kids, and they are not sleeping in polyester sheets as those sheets will make it hard to breathe and create skin irritation and allergies. Learn more here about Sleep: Benefits and recommended amounts

Polyester - Biggest Enemy to Our Skin and Health in Our Own Homes (Read more)

When your kids sleep in synthetic kids' bedding set, the body heat releases harmful chemicals and they get absorbed into their skin. Studies have found PFCs in the blood of kids around the world. It has a tendency to get accumulated in their blood over time. Serious health concerns have been reported by researchers for PFCs which includes risks of causing cancer.

When the polyester kids' bedding sets or sheets are dried in a clothes dryer, the microscopically small shreds of polyester/plastic called microplastics along with other chemicals like formaldehyde, Perfluorochemicals (PFCs), etc. used in the process of manufacturing of polyesters gets released into your home and environment.

For good and sound sleep, you have to create a comfortable and natural environment for your children.

Don’t fall for the scam of “Cotton Blend.”

Most of the fabrics, nowadays, are made by blending polyester with natural fibers because natural fibers dilute the synthetic feel of polyester. However, these fabrics are smartly marketed as “Cotton Blend”, hiding very efficiently the major proportion of polyester used in making them.

Polyester must be avoided as much as possible. You can easily avoid it in your clothes and in your bed. You have natural and organic material options available as well which are always the safest.

When you buy kids bedding sets or sheets make sure it says “100% Cotton.”

The fabrics made by blending cotton with polyester are often treated with formaldehyde and ammonia to make the fabric soft and prevent it from shrinking. Formaldehyde acts as an irritant in kids having allergies and asthmatic conditions. Also, on top of that, it is class 3 carcinogenic as per EU classification.

Respiratory Disorder in Children

Being the #1 reason for kids to miss school "Asthma" is one of the leading diseases today.

Polyester allergies in children can make it difficult to breathe while they are trying to fall asleep in polyester sheets, which results in sleeplessness and other respiratory problems as well.

Disease like these at a young age will affect the mental and physical growth of your children. You can make a very big change in their lives by taking a small step.

You should make sure that your kids are sleeping on 100% Cotton Kids Bedding Sets with minimum chemicals. To find out more about the benefits of 100% Cotton Bedding you can Click Here.

What to Do?

In order to keep your kids healthier and avoid any problems caused by unwanted chemicals present in their bedding, you should adapt to Healthy Sleep Habits For Children.

If you want a detailed guide on Healthy Sleep according to your child's age you can follow this guide here.

First, make sure that they are sleeping in 100% Cotton Kids Bedding Sets, here make sure it’s not cotton blend but 100% Cotton. Follow Healthy Sleep Tips as well.

The next thing you can do is that the bedding that you are using is made using a natural process like Tribute Silk Process, and does not contain any chemical treatment as well.

A regular wash will also help to avoid any unwanted dust and formation of mites in the fabric of their bedding.

Learn more about getting your kids to sleep.

Kids Bedding Sets and Their Health

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Our goal is a healthier childhood for every kid and we are doing our best to create a toxins free environment for future generations starting from their bed, where they start their day after a healthy comforting sleep in Natural Bedding.

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