How to make your bed the centerpiece of your bedroom décor?

Your bed covers the majority of area in your bedroom so in order for your bedroom décor to look amazing you need to make sure that you decorate your bed perfectly and then decorate the room around your bed, so that your bed can become the centerpiece of your bedroom décor and ties the whole room together with a constant theme.

So, to start you need to decorate your bed with a beautiful bedding set.

Get rid of Bed Sheets

Time for bed sheets is gone now, you need a complete bedding set to decorate your bed that has matching pillow cases and cushion covers to add few extra cushions to your bed. And the most important, a duvet cover which has beautiful design elements on the outer most layer and comfortable breathable fabric on the inside to make you comfortable at night.

Bedding Sets are Better than Bed Sheets

When you use a bed sheet on your bed, you will have to find and purchase the pillow covers, cushion covers, or duvet cover separately. This increases the overall cost and you will have to put a lot of extra effort in find these items and you can never find the matching ones.

So, replacing your bed sheet with a bedding set will make things much easier for you and it makes more sense to have the complete set that is of the exact same color with matching duvet cover, pillow cases and cushion covers.

Now start look for the best bedding set that you will decorate your bed.

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Bedding Sets are much Better

A Bedding Set generally includes a Fitted or Flat Bed Sheet, matching Pillow Cases, matching Cushion Covers, a matching Duvet Cover or a matching Bedspread.

The important thing here is that all the items in a particular bedding set will have the same design elements and same color combinations. This reduces the risk of a mismatch between the duvet cover or bed sheet with pillow cases or cushion cover.

Going for a bedding set also reduces the time and effort that you need to invest in order to find the matching elements from all the different places, and the worst part it we can never find any.

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Unique combination of Fabrics

In our Bedding Set we make sure that with beautiful design we create the most comfortable sleeping environment as well. So that while decorating your bed you can sleep comfortable as well.

So, what we do is that we make the bed sheet and the inside part of duvet cover with Pure Egyptian Cotton to make it more comfortable and more breathable. While the outer part of the Duvet Cover along with Pillow Cases and Cushion Covers is made of Satin Silk fabric with beautiful design elements.

This makes the bedding perfect for Décor and Comfort at the same time.

Importance of Color Combinations

While decorating your bedroom you need to think long and hard on the color combinations that you will go with.

This is very important as it will determine which colors you can go for, with you bed and the bedding sets.

Choose a Rug

Making you bed the main attraction in your bed is not just about the Bedding Set, you need to select a matching patterned rug as well.

Adding a rug in your bedroom makes the bed like a throne right in the center of your bedroom.

A rug is very useful, as it will keep the dust and dirt from the bedding set on your bed and keep your feet clear.

Choosing a matching rug is as important as choosing a matching bedding set.

Now, you have taken care of the bedding and the rug. So, the third most important thing that you should do in order to make the bed a centerpiece in your bedroom is that you take care of the wall behind your bed.

Yes, the wall behind your bed can make a significant change in your overall bedroom décor if decorated nicely.

There are quite a few options for the wall like a painting or a family photo, but these are the trends of gone times. What we would recommend is you use a beautiful tapestry to hand on that wall behind your bed.

Use a Tapestry

A beautifully designed tapestry that matches the color scheme of your bedroom and complements the bedding set will be just perfect. It will complete the bed as the centerpiece of your bedroom décor and will tie the whole room together.

With a beautiful tapestry hanging on the back wall your bed décor will be complete and now the only things that you need to take care of is the rest of the room.

The complete combination of a Beautiful Bedding Set, Patterned Rug and a matching Tapestry will make your bed the centerpiece of your bedroom décor. Making it the throne that you get on at night and conqueror your comfort.

Keep Electronics Out of Sight

In order to make the most of your bedroom décor and make it a more comforting sleeping environment, once you made your bed the centerpiece of your bedroom make sure you don’t put up too many electronic items like, electronic clock, alarm clock or a tablet right in front of the bed. That will distract you from having a comfortable night and makes the whole effort of making your bed the centerpiece of your bedroom redundant in itself.


When it comes to your bedroom, don't be afraid of change. The bed should always remain the focal point, but you can use a duvet cover and accent pillow to give your room an entirely new look without having to buy sheets or other linens. Add art on the wall behind your bed for that perfect finishing touch! Make sure all electronics are out of sight so they won't catch dust while you sleep peacefully at night knowing there is no risk of smudging screens with dirty hands in this space where peace reigns supreme.