Comfort That You Deserves - 100% Cotton Bedding

As the French Proverb goes “A good laugh and a good sleep are the two best cures for anything.” For a good sleep your need a comfortable mattress and a great quality bed linen. Although many of us do a lot of research before selecting a quality mattress, we don’t really bother much while choosing our bed linen. We usually select bed linen matching the interiors of our room or any bed linen which appeals to us visually.

In general, we spend around 6-8 hours a day between the sheets, that is, around one-third of our life is spent in bed. So, it is worthwhile that we choose the best and Healthiest Bedding for us. Many of us prefer cotton bedsheets over other bedsheets because it’s a general notion passed onto us by our mothers and grandmothers. Indeed, 100% Pure Cotton is the best fabric for bedding and it has numerous Health Benefits. Let's have a look at some of the major benefits that this wondrous natural fabric has to offer:


The most important feature of 100% Cotton Bedding is that it’s a breathable fabric and it absorbs the moisture of our bodies very effectively compared to other fabrics made from synthetic materials. Less moisture means lesser chances of various skin, reproductive system, and respiratory infections. Lesser moisture means no uneasiness, no tossing, and turning in bed rather a rejuvenating sleep.

Temperature Control

Another very important quality of 100% Cotton Bedding is that it is cool during summers and warm during winters which make it best suited for all the seasons. In the summertime, it absorbs the body heat and moisture and evaporates it into the air keeping us cool and dry. In winters, cotton bedding absorbs our body heat and retains it so that we feel warm throughout the night. Sleeping in man-made fabric, for example, polyester does the reverse thing, it keeps us warm and moist in summertime trapping heat and moisture within.


If you have sensitive skin and are prone to allergies, 100% Cotton Bedding is custom made for you only. It is the best hypoallergenic natural fabric that does not irritate your skin or cause/aggravate the itching at all in your sleep. The softness of 100% Cotton Fabric is unmatchable and it instantly gives a soothing effect, feeling so soft against your skin. Also, very few people know that 100% Cotton has Antibacterial Properties and hence it keeps bed bugs and other bacterial growth in your bed at bay.

Easy Care

There is one other assumption fabricated in the psyche of consumers by the marketers of synthetic fabric that cotton involves a lot of hard work, it needs to be washed by hand, the stains do not go easily, it bleeds color, and needs aggressive ironing. It is entirely false if you are investing in a good quality 100% Cotton Bedding with High Thread Count. It can be machine washed easily on a normal cycle and tumbled dry, just avoid mixing with other fabrics. It does not get too much creased, just take it out from the machine when slightly damp and dry flat on the clothesline for a wrinkle-free finish. White or light color cotton fabrics should be washed in warm temperatures while darker colors should be washed in cold water to prevent fade or bleach.


Most of us believe or in fact, assume that cotton bedding does not last long and therefore we opt for man-made fabrics. It is true in the case of cotton blend bed sheets where cotton is mixed with other cheaper man-made fabrics and the thread count is also low. Such fabrics tend to pill and get uncomfortable over a period of time.

However, in the case of 100% Cotton or Egyptian Cotton Bedding with High Thread Count, the scenario is entirely different. Egyptian Cotton has longer fibers which are woven together tightly to make the resultant fabric strong, smooth, and silky. Higher Thread Count results in a tighter weave of the fabric and enhances its strength and durability. Higher the thread count, the higher the strength and smoothness of the fabric. It repels dust and dirt like no other fabric including polyester.

All in all, consumers have reported using the high quality 100% Cotton bed linen for up to 10 years. Even after that cotton fabric does not go into trash but rather can be used in a number of other ways for example for making smaller bedsheets for babies, for making children toys, as a blanket during a beach vacation or slightly colder days, etc. 

Environment Friendly and 100% Organic

Cotton being a natural fiber is 100% organic and therefore biodegradable leaving no burden on the planet Earth. The standard ways of growing cotton are also in harmony with the ecological system. Also, an increased market of cotton clothes results in increased agricultural activities and lesser chemical and industrial activities resulting in lesser pollution and health hazards.


100% Cotton or Egyptian Cotton bed linens may seem expensive at first glance as compared to other low-quality cotton sheets or cotton blends or polyester fabrics but considering the health benefits and durability, these sheets are worth an investment. It is said that prevention is better than cure. So, why wait for our health to deteriorate before opting for healthier and organic products for ourselves.

Nowadays, thanks to fashion designers, you can get 100% cotton bedspreads in a variety of prints, colors, and patterns which make your bedroom look luxuriously stunning. So, you get a complete package of visually stupendous, health-benefiting, durable, organic, and hassle-free bed linens worth their value.