Egyptian Cotton Sheets - "Comfort is the New Luxury"

Troubled Sleep? Not any more.

Are you having night sweats? Are you feeling stuffy or suffocated at night? Are you having difficulty sleeping well? Are you not feeling refreshed in the morning even after a considerable sleep of 7-8 hours?

Can't sleep, try egyptian cotton sheets

Have you ever considered that your bed sheet may be the reason for this? You deserve a comfortable, fulfilling, and refreshing sleep after a long day of work to keep up with the challenges of modern lifestyle. A good night’s sleep is the need of this modern age and various factors contribute to achieving a good night’s sleep. A good bed sheet is one of the primary factors responsible for a comfortable and refreshing sleep.

So why not get a great bed sheet made of gold standard “Egyptian Cotton” which is a perfect combination of comfort and luxury you can find in bed linens.

What is Egyptian Cotton?

First of all, the plant from which Egyptian cotton is obtained is different from the plant from which regular cotton is obtained and this explains a lot. As a matter of fact, Egyptian cotton comes from the species Gossypium Barbadense originally grown in the rich soil of Egypt’s Nile River Valley. For centuries, the term Egyptian cotton has been synonymous with the best quality cotton in the world. Have a look at just a few out of the indefinite number of benefits Egyptian cotton has to offer.

Benefits of Egyptian Cotton Sheets.


Egyptian cotton being porous in nature allows free flow of air through the fabric allowing you to rest coolly and comfortably throughout the night and avoiding the stuffy feeling. A complete set of Egyptian Cotton Sheets and a Duvet Cover or Comforter to offer outstanding breathability and have the most comfortable sleep.

The breathability of Egyptian Cotton Sheets will keep you comfortable at night and avoid that stuffy feeling that most synthetic fabric bedding creates. This makes them a perfect sleeping partner for you.

Higher Thread Count

A key indicator to access the quality of sheets is the Thread Count of the sheets. It is the number of threads woven together to create a single square inch of the sheet. Higher thread counts indicate higher quality sheets and Egyptian cotton sheets have higher thread count than other regular sheets, generally > 400. Thread Count of > 1000 offers a luxurious and fuller fabric that feels as soft as cotton and looks as amazing as silk even after many years of use.

Higher thread count also increases the life span of the fabric and keeps your Egyptian Cotton Sheets as brand new for longer. This makes the purchasing decision of Egyptian Cotton Sheets more rewarding as you don't have to buy new sheets every year.

Longest, Strongest and Brightest Cotton Fibers

As the saying goes for cotton threads “longer the stronger”. Egyptian cotton has the longest threads making them strongest cotton threads and in turn more durable. Longer threads make the extremely fine yarn which results in the formation of very soft, lustrous, and stress-resistant cotton sheets. Also, Egyptian cotton fibers have a great ability to absorb liquids, giving their colors a deeper and brighter hue and also making the fabric resistant to color bleeding.


Egyptian cotton fibers are hand-picked and therefore highly pure. Additionally, the technique of handpicking puts way lesser stress on fibers as opposed to mechanical picking which leaves the fibers broken and crumpled.

Say No to Pilling

Pilling is little piles of fabric that are not always visible with naked eyes but are very uncomfortable to the skin. Pilling occurs in sheets of lower quality or lower thread count but it will never be found in the sheets made of Egyptian cotton. The reason is that the fibers of Egyptian cotton plants do not produce lint and thereby making piles impossible to occur.

As a result, Egyptian Cotton Sheets are softer on the skin which makes them more comfortable to sleep in and enjoy your night's sleep.


Egyptian cotton sheets last longer than other sheets in the market. The high thread count, tight weave, and long-staple fibers last long provided they are maintained properly.

Sleeping in Egyptian Cotton Sheets

It is recommended that the sheets be washed weekly to remove dust and dirt which tend to break the fibers. Further, it is advisable not to use detergents that contain bleach and fabric softeners. When Egyptian Cotton Sheets properly care for they tend to last longer and as a result, they will save you money.

Stays brand new for a longer period of time as well.


Egyptian cotton sheets are an investment to a healthy, comfortable, and beautiful life. The extra cash that you put in buying Egyptian cotton sheets pays off over time. As they last long enough, sometimes decades, their cost to durability ratio is quite reasonable at the end making them the best bargain.

Learn to Identify Real Egyptian Cotton Sheets

These days the market is filled with cheap Eygptian Cotton Sheets which are falsely labeled as Egyptian Cotton but are just regular cotton sheets.

Even Walmart and Target have pulled many brands from their stores who were falsely selling cotton sheets as Egyptian Cotton Sheets.

So you have to learn to identify real Egyptian Cotton Sheets.

The best way to make sure you are buying real Egyptian Cotton Sheets is to buy them from a dedicated seller or website like ours. We have a dedicated collection for Egyptian Cotton Sheets & Bedding Sets where all the bed sheets are made with Pure Egyptian Cotton.

Apart from this, the real Egyptian Cotton Sheets are always heavier than the normal cotton sheets due to the higher thread count to verifying the weight of the bed sheet or the package will help you figure out the quality of sheets.

Additional Benefits of Our Egyptian Cotton Sheets & Bedding Sets

Apart from all the benefits that Egyptian Cotton Sheets have, we made sure that we create a natural sleeping environment for you that is more comfortable and toxins-free. Our collection of Egyptian Cotton Sheets & Bedding Sets have some additional benefits which are:

No Chemical Retention

In most cases when cotton or Egyptian cotton fabrics are made, they are treated with a wide variety of chemicals to make the fabric more durable, don't shrink, and easy to use. But not enough focus is given to make sure that all those chemicals are removed completely from such fabrics.

We at Prominent Emporium make sure that the fabric we use for our Bedding Collection has been properly made and has no chemical retention. This makes the fabric and our Bedding Sets more natural and toxins-free.

Active Environmental Printing

We at Prominent Emporium are focused on creating a natural and healthier environment for all of us. So while making the best products for you we also make sure that we do not harm our environment in any way.

We are aware of the waste the manufacturing process can create and we are always focused on reducing the waste that the fabric printing creates. Not just that we always follow the best industry standards and reduce the waste to the minimum possible.

Thus, creating the best products for our customers without harming the environment.


All the people who have switched to Egyptian cotton sheets have claimed to have experienced a total change in their sleeping experience saying that it makes bedtime a comfortable and delightful experience.

It is a widely popular fact that Egyptian cotton sheets are worth whatsoever price tag a certain retailer would like to put on them. However, it is advised to take time to find out about the different products available, their quality and thread count before placing your order.

Check out our range of Egyptian Cotton Sheets & Bedding Sets.

Egyptian Cotton Sheets