Are You Depressed? or its just "Sleeplessness"

Your mood is directly affected by the quality of sleep you are having on day to day basis. You are smart enough to observe it for yourself that after a sleepless night you may be more irritable, short-tempered, and vulnerable to stress. Only a good night's sleep in the comfort of your own bed will return your mood to normal.

Sleep loss is often associated with feeling depressed. 
You can't fall asleep because your are depressed or is it the other way around?

You are depressed because you are not getting enough quality sleep. Some research suggest that sleep deprivation enhances negative mood due to increased amygdala activity (a brain structure integral to experiences of negative emotions such as anger and rage) and a disconnect between the amygdala and the area of the brain that regulates its functions. So people who suffer from sleep loss are especially likely to react negatively when something doesn’t go well for them. So lack of sleep will make you angry, irritated and negative and will reduce your ability to regulate those emotions.

So instead of getting worried why you are depressed(which you are not) you should focus on completing your good 8 hours sleep everyday to boost your emotional and physical health, which in turn will come with a lot of benefits like healthier lifestyle, benefits to your heart, weight and mind.

How to get that well deserved comfort to complete your sleep?

While falling asleep, its all about being comfortable and relaxed, so you should start by creating your sleeping environment more comfortable and remove anything that can be an obstacle during your sleep time. 

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You can start by creating a natural environment and removing unnecessary toxic products like your polyester sheets. Most bedding sold today contains polyester or microfibers or a blend of cotton and polyester, which is quite toxic and harmful to skin and as well as overall health. These bedding are relatively less breathable which creates that stuffy feeling at night. Its pretty easy to avoid such products in your bed and switch to more organic and natural products like 100% Cotton Bedding or if you want that ultimate comfort you can choose Pure Egyptian Cotton Bedding as well.

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Other things you can do is to adjust your bedroom lighting in such a way that it is calm and soothing that it makes you relax immediately, fall asleep easily and keep you in that deep sleep state till morning. Some people use humidifiers as well to regulate the room temperature and humidity so that they can reach that perfect environment to fall asleep.

Some notable mentions to avoid are your cell phones and tablets when you are inside you bed. Instead you can opt for a good book. Studies have revealed that reading a book, any book of your interest, relaxes your brain and you instantly fall asleep. This habit will go a long way in keeping your sleep patterns on schedule.

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